Snakes in Ohio | Water Poisonous Snakes Of Ohio

Here we go for the list of snakes in Ohio. There are different type of snakes occur in the boundary of Ohio. Some of them are poisonous snakes having different colors. We will discuss characteristics of each snake and also discuss about color variation about all snakes in Ohio.

snakes in ohio

List of snakes in Ohio

Here we are providing the list of names of snakes that occur in Ohio. Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake, Northern Copperhead, Common Watersnake, Rat Snakes, Eastern Hognose, Northern Ring-Necked , Garter Snakes, Queensnake, Lake Erie Watersnake, Kirtland’s Snake, Northern Red-Belly, Wormsnake, Brownsnake, Eastern Smooth Earth snake.


At this time we will discuss about some most poisonous snakes in Ohio

Timber Rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus is the scientific name belongs to Reptilia class and Viperidae family. They can be long up to 30 to 60 inch. They have 500 to 1500 g weight. They mostly found in deciduous forests. Males and females that are not pregnant like to live in cooler places. Pregnant females like to live in high temperature places. This is most known snakes in Ohio. Some of the snakes are counted as endangered species due to different threats.

They feed on small mammals. They also eat rattle snakes and garter snakes. Included in poisonous snakes due to its high venom yield. Lives in Ohio from many years. According to documentation there is only one person killed by their bite.

Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake

As they are rattlesnakes and rattle snakes are mostly pit viper. If a snake is pit viper it’s mean they are most venomous. According to IUCN they are in the list of least concern due to a lot of distribution. These medium sized snakes in Ohio are mammals and reptiles. Their diet consists of both vertebrates and invertebrates. They length can be 24 to 30 inch.

Common WaterSnake

Nerodia sipedon is the scientific name belongs to Colubridae family and Reptilia class. Their bite have not more effect on humans. They are not most poisonous water snakes in Ohio. They are least concern in the list of IUCN red list. They can be endangered species in the US if there are not proper steps taken to secure them. As Colubridae class also have poisonous snakes but this common watersnake is not prove as more harmful for humans. They can be in four colors brown, reddish, grey and brownish black.

Their length is different for males and females. Males have length around 2ft 3 inch and females have around 2ft 8 inch. They feed on small fish, frogs, leeches, small birds and mammals. They get their diet mostly in day rather than in night. Having a lot of activeness in day also in night. A new born snakes can be 7 to 9 inch in length.

Rat Snakes – Snakes in Ohio

Found in areas of Ohio in buildings, garages and other residential areas. Most of the people give resembling this with copperhead snakes. There is one major difference between copperhead and rat snake is rat snakes are not poisonous snakes as copperhead. Also included in the list of snakes in Ohio. These are not cause more harmful to humans.

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