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Loxops coccineus is the scientific name belongs to Aves class and Fringillidae family. Size is about 10 cm. male and females have different color. Male are red orange and females are grayish green. Listed as endangered species in hawaii since 1994 due to decreasing of population trend for akepa. Around three subpopulation they have and number of remaining mature birds are only 9300.

list of endangered species in hawaii

They like to live in wet forests that are mostly above 1,500m. They eat small insects, spiders and forages. They have 14 to 16 days incubation and 16 to 20 days nestling period.

Habitat loss is the major threat to destroy their population to minimum. Their habitats are destroyed by logging and agriculture. Due to this reason they are included in endangered species in Hawaii list. There are some conservation steps are taken to save them. Most of akepa are now safe from any threat.

Crested Honeycreeper – Endangered Species in Hawaii 

Palmeria dolei is the scientific name belong to Aves class and Fringillidae family. 18 cm a small and cute bird living on our planet including sharp bill. Listed as critically endangered species due to loss of habitat due to grazing. Disease and habitat modification are also the threats that make them endangered.

Now there are only 3800 individulas are remaining with only one subpopulation. Since 2013 they are considered as most endangered birds species in Hawaii. They feed invertebrates and mostly like to eat caterpillars which is most favorite for them.

Hawaiian Crow

Corvus hawaiiensis is the scientific name belongs to Aves class and Corvidae family. This is about 48 cm in size and flying high over the forests. Hawaiian crow is the large crow having black bill and brown eyes. List as critically endangered bird species in Hawaii in 1994. After that in 2004 they are listed in extinct in wild due to reduction in food, logging and habitat alternation. They live in forests and feed on fruits. They also eat young birds, eggs and insects.  Their generation length is about 7.3 years according to IUCN red list.

Hawaiian Duck – Endangered Bird Species In Hawaii

Anas wyvilliana is the scientific name belongs to Aves class and Anatidae family. These ducks are around 44 to 51 cm in size. There are two types of males. Brighter males and dull males. Dull males are near about same as females. They are listed as endangered species in Hawaii as well as in United States since 2000.  Population trend is decreasing and there are only 1500 individuals are remaining with just 5 subpopulations on our planet.

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Their feeds on freshwater vegetation, green algae, seeds, rice, fish, larvae, mollusks and aquatic invertebrates.

Habitat loss and decline in population due to agriculture use and urban development. These are the major threats for Hawaiian duck. Species management, education and awareness, land water management are the conservation steps are taken for them to remove them from endangered species in Hawaii list.

Hawaiian Monkseal

Neomonachus schauinslandi is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Phocidae family. Hawaiian monkseal are marine endangered species around the world. They can 7 to 7.5 feet in size. 400 to 600 pounds weight they have. They eat fishes and octopi etc.

They mate mostly in sea. Due to this reason they seldom seen to do mating. Females give baby birth out of sea. Normally they birth only single pup.

Listed as endangered species in Hawaii since 1982. In 2008 they are listed as critically endangered species in Hawaii due to decreasing population trend. Only 632 individuals are remaining now on our planet. There is no subpopulation is found around the area of Hawaii.

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