Endangered Species in the Philippines and their Scientific Names

Endangered Species in the Philippines increasing day by day due to a lot of threats. Industrialization, deforestation and land clearing are the most common and main threats that effect the population of species. Rainforest and cutting trees on the islands of Philippines are also the main threats. Here we are discussing about species that are mostly effected by these threats.

endangered species in the philippines

List of Endangered Species in the Philippines

Calamian Dear

Scientific name for Calamian dear is Axis Calamianensis. Calamian Dear belongs to mammal class. 12 to 20 years is the lifespan for them. They live in Busuanga, Calauit and Culion the larger islands of calamians.

There is no correct estimate for the population of calamian dear. Population on Calauit Island was around 550 individuals in 1996. Population trend is decreasing continuously.

Family group start from 7 individuals and maximum animals can be 27. They eat grasses, herbs and leaves. Head and body length is about 100 to 115 cm. Height of shoulders is 60 to 70 cm and weight is about 23 to 29 kg. In 2008 they were listed in endangered species. Hunting and habitat loss was the main threats that disturb the population of Calamian dear.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

In IUCN red list this turtle is listed in critically endangered species. Eretmochelys imbricate is the scientific name for hawksbill sea turtle. They belongs to Reptilia class. They live between 30 to 50 years on our planet. 90 to 150 pounds is the weight for hawksbill. Their length is about 30 to 35 inches.

Here is the countries list where they live. American Samoa, Antigua, Barbuda, Bahamas, Bahrain, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates are the top listed countries where they live.

Sponges, anemones, squid and shrimp they eat to survive on our planet. Population is about 20,000 to 23,000. Due to decreasing population trend they are listed as critically endangered species. They have a lot of risk of extinction. Habitats are rocky areas and oceans.

Due to start of tortoiseshell trade their population were decreasing very fast. Egg collection slaughter for meat, destruction of nesting habitat, destruction of foraging habitat, hybridization of hawksbill sea turtle with other species and capacity building are the main threats for hawksbill sea turtles. Due to these a lot of threats hawksbill become the most endangered species in the Philippines.

Philippine crocodile

They found in the islands of Philippines belongs to Reptilia class. Crocodylus mindorensis is the scientific name for Philippine crocodile. There is no one know about exact lifespan of Philippine crocodile but the estimate is they live around 100 years on average. These crocodiles are carnivores in nature. Birds, snakes, fish, shrimp and small mammals are used to eat by them.

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They like to live in freshwater. Most of them are living in islands, small lakes and ponds. There are some animals that are living in wild. Less than 1,000 Philippine crocodile are surviving on our planet. Philippine crocodile is the marine endangered species in the Philippines due to a lot of threats.

Philippine eagle

Philippine eagle is also known as the monkey eating eagle.  Population for this eagle is below 200 that’s why this is listed in critically endangered species in the Philippines. Population trend is continuously going to downward. Listed as endangered bird in the Philippines. They belongs to Aves class.

Their weight is about 4kg and they are approximately three feet tall. These eagle can live only between 30 to 60 years. They eat snakes, monkeys and wild cats to survive on earth. Forest destruction and fragmentation are the main threats to decrease their population.


Tamaraw listed as critically endangered species in the Philippines. Mindoro was the island where they first documented in 1888. There were no population on this island due to a dangerous disease malaria.

At that time malaria has no treatment so people don’t want to go on Mindoro Island.  When treatment was found by scientists people were start to go on Mindoro. Tamaraw is a buffalo like animal having small horns.

The length of the body is about 2.2 meter and average shoulder height is about 100 to 105 centimeter. Before 1900 there were 10,000 animals live on earth. Their population trend is still decreasing. There are only 30 to 200 Tamaraw individuals are remaining that living on earth. Therefore they included in the list of critically endangered species. Habitat loss is the major threat for Tamaraw.

Mindoro bleeding-heart – Philippines Endangered Species

A Philippine bird belongs to Aves class. They live in Mindoro Island in Philippines.  According to the research in 2001 there are only 70 to 400 individuals live on our planet. Number of mature individuals is only 50 to 249. Decreasing population continue from a lot of years and they are endangered species in the Philippines. They eat grains, seeds and worms. Lifespan of Mindoro bleeding-heat is about 50 years. Forest destruction is the main threat for them.



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