Vulnerable And Critically Endangered Species in Australia List

Declining population of birds, animals, amphibians and all type of species is not a good news for Australian government. So they have to take measures for the protection of all species that are going to extinct. Number of most endangered species in Australia are discussing here. Complete list of threats that effect the population of any specie. Comprehensive discussion about physical characteristics, behavior and habitats of species that are in danger in Australia. Most of the species become endanger due to industrialization.


List of Endangered Species in Australia

Fijian Crested Iguana

Brachylophus vitiensis is the scientific name belongs to Iguanidae family and Reptilia class. On egg removal they have dark green color after some time this color changes to bright emerald green. Females and males are same in appearance both have 300 to 350 grams weight and can grow up to 80cm.

As they are herbivores they like to eat leaves, shrubs and fruit. Some time they eat insects also. Their incubation period is about 9 months. March to April are mating seasons. There are 8 subpopulations and total number of individuals are around 12000-14000. Population trend is decreasing listed as critically endangered species. Habitat loss is the major threat for Fijian crested Iguana.

Mary River Turtle

Elusor macrurus is the scientific name belongs to Chelidae family and Reptilia class. Freshwater turtles are firstly described in 1994. They have extremely long tail for their identification. This is the unique thing in this turtle other freshwater turtles have no tail. So we can easily identify them. Adults have 340 mm size and hatchlings have about 30 to 40 mm size.

Australian sea lion

Beautiful for both nature and physically. Most friendly behavior they have. Neophoca cinerea is the scientific name belongs to otariidae family and Mammalia class. Population trend is decreasing there are only 6500 sea lion remaining on our planet. Listed as endangered in IUCN red list.

most endangered species in australia

Adult females have smaller size than males. Females are 1.3 to 1.8 meter and males are about 2 to 2.5 in length. Males have weight about 250 to 300 kg and females have weight about 250 to 300 kg. They can eat any fish that they find or other fish type of species. They eat very large amount of food for one time.

Pollution is the major threat for sea lion to decline the population of this species.

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Banded anteater

Myrmecobius fasciatus is the scientific name belongs to Myrmecobiidae family and Mammalia class. Global population is below than 1,000. So that this is the most endangered species in Australia. Basically they are endemic to Australia living in southwest Australia. They can be 14 to 18 inch in length including tail. Habitat loss and introduced predators are the major threats that are harmful for the population of anteater.

Banded hare wallaby

Lagostrophus fasciatus is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Macropodidae family. About 2000 to 9000 individuals are remaining on earth. Population trend is now stable. Predators, destructive wildlife and disease are the major threats that affect the population of banded hare wallaby. These species like to eat grasses and fruits. 40 to 45 cm is length and have 1.3 to 2.1 kg weight.





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