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A lot of visitors come in Africa to view safaris. Africa offers range of different things of nature to scientists. But now the scene is totally change due to poaching and illegal trading of endangered animals in Africa. Number of most endangered species in Africa rising because no appropriate steps taken by government to save these species. List of endangered species in Africa increasing because the rate of growing is far from rate of poaching. We need to take measures to save these animals otherwise all animals listed below might be invisible from our planet. From last 15 to 20 years African animals becomes most endangered due to rise in human greed, poaching and illegal trading.

endangered species in africa

List of most endangered species in Africa

African penguin

Spheniscus demersus is the scientific name the most adorable species on earth belong to Aves class and Spheniscidae family. The medium sized penguin can live 10 to 27 years. They start breeding in the age of two and six. Braying like monkeys whenever they want to communicate this is the reason they are often called like donkey. One more interesting fact they have pink patches above the eyes. Used in hotter season.

Blood become cool by surrounding air when coming to patches. These patches helps to maintain their temperature in hot climates. Population trend decreasing due to habitat destruction. There are around 52,000 individuals living on earth. Included in the list of endangered species due to low population and area of occupancy.

African Wild Dog

Also known as hunting dog have four toes per foot unlike others. Long legs, sharp teeth and massive jaws make him the most dangerous hunting animals like others. Live in groups each group may have about 20 animals. Early morning and late night are the hunting times with group. Lycaon pictus is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and canidae family. Around 6ft long African dog have 10 to 12 years lifespan.

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Population trend is decreasing There are only 1409 mature individuals are living on earth. Classified as endangered species in Africa because they have very low numbers of individuals. Habitat fragmentation is the major threat to decline their population and make them endangered.

Ethiopian wolf – Endangered Animal in Africa

Listed in Africa endangered animals due to continuous loss of habitat, disease, population fragmentation, hybridization with dogs. The most endangered species in Africa. There are only 197 mature individuals on earth. Ethiopian wolves are more social like to live in groups.

Each group contain around 20 animals with some mature individuals males and females. They can live maximum 8 to 10 years. Rely of hares, rodents, birds and insects. Body height 53-62cm and length is 105-160cm. weight is about 11 to 17kg. Conservation for Ethiopian wolf is starting from few last years through different campaigns of vaccination and by move them to protected areas.

Grevy’s Zebra

Equus grevyi is the scientific name can grow upto 9 feet long and height may be around 5ft at the shoulder. There are three types of zebras mountain zebra, plain zebra and Grevy’s Zebra. Social behavior for Grevy’s Zebra is different from other zebras. They like to live with females only during mating seasons otherwise they live alone in their territorials. Weight they have is about 350 to 450 kg look mule like.

Gestation period is about 13 months and females can born only one foal. Foals are born mostly between May and August. 2,500 individuals are remaining on earth now due to disease, hunting, unavailability of water and habitat degradation. Due to a lot of these major threats these are listed as most endangered species in Africa.

Rothschild’s Giraffe

Iraffa camelopardalis rothschildi is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class. The tallest endangered animal in africa having height about 20ft. 10 to 15ft length and 1200 kg weight. Listed as endangered because population trend is decreasing. Leaves are counted as favorite food for giraffe. They have four stomachs for digestion. Seldom seen animal from last few years due to hybridization. Hybridization is the major threat for Rothschild’s Giraffe.

Riverine Rabbit

Scientific name is Bunolagus monticularis belongs to leporidae family and Mammalia class. Listed as endangered species in 1996 and get status of critically endangered due to low population and areas where they see. Population trend is still decreasing have only 400 individuals.

Loss of habitat, cultivation and livestock are the main threats. These threats play a worst role to make them endangered. Flowers, grasses and leaves are the favorite foods for this rabbit. They can live only 2 to 3 years. Females have greater mass than males. Females are about 1.8 kg and males are about 1.5kg.

How Many Endangered Species Are in Africa?

There are 1818 Species in Africa including 142 Mammals, 200 fishes and others.


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