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Those animals that have lost a large number of members are known as endangered animals. Endangered animals are those that were in large number in wild but now due to a lot of factors they lost more than 50% of their population. Habitat loss, destruction of habitat, use in trade, use in medicine, climate change, and agriculture use by humans, land water pollution and illegal hunting are main factors that can move any animal to endangered animal.

An animal become endangered whenever they lost their 50% population during his last three generations. Every animal have its own generation length. Most of them have more than 10 year generation length. If there is any animal occur on the state which lost a lot of population its conservation status can be endangered.

We can save these endangered animals by taking some conservation steps to protect their population or save them to become most endangered species. Due to lack of awareness and education about endangered animals hunters never feel hesitation to kill them or sale animal’s body parts in market for the sake of money. Illegal trading is the major threat for all animals around the world. By using awareness and education step we can save these endangered animals from extinction. If decreasing of population can’t control then they can become extinct animals around the world.

Here we go for the list of endangered animals around the world or in some descriptive information about endangered animals in different countries like United States, Canada, India, Africa, China and Australia. All information about their current population and trend of population, major threats and about conservation steps. There are a lot of organization that are working on protection of these animals but they are not enough due to a large number of animals living places and threats that threaten them to become endangered animals.

List of Endangered Animals in the World

A large list of animals can be found around the world that are going to become endangered. This is all due to ignorance of conservationists. Endangered animals can also get protection by concentration of government of all developed or developing countries. Government can arrange different type of program to educate person that have no information about these endangered animals.

In this list we will discuss about major countries of the world that have large number of endangered animals than other countries. First of all we will get information about:

List of Most Endangered Animals in the United States

There are around 391 endangered species in United States including 21 mammals, 26 birds, 73 fish, 13 reptiles, 17 amphibians, 62 arthropods, 99 plants and 6 fungi. Here we will discuss only major animals that are most endangered animals in the United States due to different threats. Major and common threat in all countries is illegal hunting and trading and also growing of human population.

Giant Kangaroo Rat

Dipodomys ingens is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Heteromyidae family. They are native to California in United States. Population trend is decreasing and area of occupancy is less than 5,000km. These are the two threats which make these animals endangered.

endangered animal in United States

Most of their habitats are now used as agriculture development. This causes in habitat loss of giant kangaroo rat. Most of their habitats are now in included in industrial uses. These are the major threats that move this secure and protected animal to endangered animal in United States.

Some conservation steps are taken for protection of giant kangaroo rat but they are not enough for this species.

Greater Long-nosed Bat

Leptonycteris nivalis is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Phyllostomidae Family. They can be found in Arizona, South New Mexico, south west Texas to south Mexico. Lower elevation limit is 500m and upper elevation limit is 3500m. Listed as endangered animals in 1996 because their population trend is decreasing. They are facing some threats like reduction in food, less area of occupancy, human interaction and clearing land of agriculture.

According to IUCN red list they lost their 50% of their population from last three generations. This is also the major reason to convert their conservation status as endangered. There are no proper conservation steps are taken for protection of Greater Long-nosed Bat endangered.

Palmer’s Chipmunk

Tamias palmeri is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Sciuridae family. They found in yellow pine to timber line. Their mating season starts from April to May. They feed on seeds, green vegetation and insects.Chipmunk population is unknown due to highly affecting threat water diversion. They also hunted by dogs and cats. Population trend is decreasing that’s why they are the most endangered animals in United States.

List Of Endangered animals in India

There are around 378 endangered species in India. Most of species are plants around 172 plants are endangered in India. Around 40 mammals 19 birds and 78 fish species are endangered in India.

Day’s Shrew

Suncus dayi is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Soricidae family. Listed as most endangered animal in India due to loss of quality of their habitat. They also have area of occupancy less than 5,000 km2. Their total area of occupancy is only 11 to 500 km2. They can be found in Western Ghats in southern India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Hispid Hare

Caprolagus hispidus is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Leporidae family. They are also known as Assam Rabbit and Bristly Rabbit. They can be found in grassy areas in wet season. During dry season grass is going to burn they move towards marshy areas.

endangered species in india

Habitat loss due to human interaction growing of population and agriculture use in industrialization. This is the reason they can’t survive on our planet and become endangered animals in 1986. Still their population trend is decreasing and according to latest document in 1996 about hispid hare their conservation status is still endangered.

Fishing Cat

Prionailurus viverrinus is scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Felidae family. They like to live in wetlands and marshy areas. They are good swimmers and feed on fishes rather than small mammals. Also considered as endangered animals in india or they may be extinct in Pakistan due lack of conservationists attention.

Other threats have also impact on these animals like habitat destruction, pollution and draining of agriculture areas.Education and awareness are main conservation steps that are taken for protection of fishing cat. Their population trend is still decreasing.

List of Endangered animals in Australia

Around 209 species are listed as endangered species in Australia. Here we go to discuss animals that are known as endangered animals in Australia.

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby endangered animal

Australian Sea Lion

Neophoca cinerea is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Otariidae family. Around 6500 animals are present with 81 no of subpopulations. Adult males have around 1.8 to 2.5m length and weight is about 180 to 250 kg. Males get sexual maturity in 6 years and females get this maturity in 4.5 to years.

They feed on feaces, dead animals and cuttlefish species. Listed as endangered animal due to decline in subpopulation high rate. They lost their 48% to 60% of their population in last three generation. This is the reason they become endangered animals in Australia.

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

Onychogalea fraenata is the scientific name belongs to Macropodidae family and mammalia class. They feed on broad leafed plants, chenopods, and flowering palnts. There is no exact information about their lifespan. Males got sexual maturity when it reaches to 18 months. Females got sexual maturity in 130 to 140 days. Their gestation period is around 24 days.

Listed as endangered animals in Australia due to low area of occupancy and quality of habitat. There are only 800 to 1100 idividuals are remaining and no proper subpopulation. Climate change natural system modification and agriculture use are the major threats that include them in the list of animals that are endangered.

Sandhill Dunnart
Sminthopsis psammophila is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Dasyuridae family. Classified as endangered animal because they have low are of occupancy and extent of occurrence. They mostly found in sandy semi-arid and arid parts of southern and central Australia. Males are heavier than females. Males have weight around 26 to 55g and females have around 25 to 42g.

Predation by other animals like red foxes is the major threat which make them endangered. There are no proper action are taking by conservationists to save them.

List of Endangered animals in Africa

There are 1818 endangered species in Africa including 789 plants, 202 arthropods, 152 amphibians, 102 reptiles, 200 fish, 90 birds and 142 Mammals. Human greed is the major factor which cause in decreasing of population of animals and other wildlife species. Africa is the richest country in wildlife. But there are a lot of threats like climate change, agriculture use in industrialization and illegal trading that effect population of animals.

Ahmanson’s Sportive Lemur

Lepilemur ahmansonorum is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Lepilemuridae family. Agriculture use and low quality of habitat make them endangered animals. Area of occupancy is also less than requirement which is used to set conservation status of these animals. Population and extent area of occurrence are decreasing. There are no conservation steps are taken for this lemur.

Montagne D’ Ambre Fork-marked Lemur

Phaner electromontis is the scientific name belongs to Mammalia class and Cheirogaleidae family. They can be found in dry and moist forests. They can also found in lower and higher altitudes. Their lower elevation limit is 50m and upper elevation limit is 1500m. Their quality of habitat, area of occurrence and population trend all are decreasing. These are the reasons they become most endangered animals in Africa.

Quality of habitat and area of occurrence are decreasing due to burning of agriculture yearly. Natural system modifications and energy production and mining are the major threats for this lemur. These are threats that make them endangered animals.

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