Daddy Long Legs Poisonous | Granddaddy Long Legged Spiders

There are three animals that could be daddy long leg poisonous, venom spiders. Cellar spiders, crane flies and harvestman are known as big daddy long legs spiders. Here we will discuss about these three spiders their diet, height, lifespan, physical activities and behavior. We will also discuss about how much they are poisonous and are these daddy long leg poisonous or not.

daddy long legs

List of Grand Daddy long legs poisonous facts

Cellar spiders

In their family there may be six or eight eyes. They can be long around 2 to 10mm without including the length of legs. Including legs their length could be 50mm. They can’t live in cold areas that’s why they can be found anywhere around the world except Antarctica.

They can be found in rocky areas, in caves and in burrows. They like to live in areas that are not disturbing mostly if they found in populated areas they will found in cellars. Their name is also derived due to their habit to live in cellars. Cellars spiders are also includes in the list of daddy long leg spiders. These  Grand daddy long leg venom can also be found in some warm and dry places like windows of home.

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They give a difficult time to their prey if prey want to escape. They don’t have any adhesive property but they can envelope their prey and bite them. They may be eat their prey on time and may store them for later use. They attack on prey in this style first right leg then second left leg and third right leg. This is known as their gait style. There are different style are written in different documentation for this spider so this might be different.

Crane Flies – Daddy long legs poisonous spider in the world

They can be easily identified because of their long legs. Looks like as flying long leg spider this is the reason they have fly word in their name. Females lay eggs in fall and their larva growing in cold season. Roots of turf grass considered as their diet. Mosquitoes are not used in food for crane daddy long leg venom flies. They mostly feed on nectar.

Harvestman – Poisonous spiders 

They are close spiders but are not spiders. They have different length than spiders. They can be 0.25in in length. As spiders have two main body section but they not. They have only one body section. Harvestman are not more daddy long leg poisonous as spiders bite could be very harmful. They can be found in fields and forests these are their favorite places where they want to live.

May be they can be found from trees but for food they tend to come on the ground. Moist soil is used to lay eggs by female harvests. Ovipositor is the injection type part of harvests. With the help of ovipositor they inject eggs in moist soil.

Are daddy long legs poisonous?

No they are not. There are a lot of stories about their bite and everyone says that daddy long leg are most dangerous around the world but this fact is not true for these spiders.

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