Carolina Wolf Spider Poisonous | Hogna Carolinensis All Facts

Hogna carolinensis is another name for Carolina wolf spider. These are also known as the largest spiders around the world. They live in North America. They mostly live in burrows. They can be find in deserts, glades, forests and open fields. Females are larger than males in length. Female and male hogna carolinensis have length of 25mm and 19mm respectively.

Carolina wolf spider

Information about Carolina Wolf Spider Facts

Carolina wolf spider have amazing fact of shining eyes in night. Whenever light fall on their eyes their eyes reflect shining in same direction. This fact cause hunting of hogna carolinensis. Because they can be find easily when light reflect to the source of light.

Wolf spiders are rarely poisonous. There are some members of their family which are harmful for humans and any other living life. Giant Carolina wolf spider hogna carolinensis are not more poisonous so there is no problem whenever they bite to anyone. But you have to identify that the spider which bite you is Carolina wolf spider. Because it might be possible another spider bite you and you ignore that bite.  So my personal opinion is to go for the treatment and completely sure that you are not in danger of any disease.

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They never bite anything by their own wish. They bite only in that condition if they have threat from human and any other thing. If they worried from escaping and have danger of their life. So we never have to disturb any spider. If we have any habit or hobby to save this type of insects so we must have knowledge about identification between poisonous of non-venomous wolf spiders.

Bites of Carolina wolf spiders are not more dangerous and have not more importance in medical. Their bite can cause only just some light pain like bite of bee and wasp.  hogna carolinensis are included in the list of largest wolf spiders around the world but they don’t have position in venomous wolf spiders.

At the last I want to discuss about how to get rid from hogna carolinensis or Carolina wolf spider? The answer is simple if we have any spot in our home where any type of seeds are scattering or we have a lawn with flowers we must have to observe that places and remove all type of spiders from there. If you got any single wolf spider like Carolina wolf spider in your home then there are a lot of chances to have more wolf spiders in your home.  Fill all empty spaces in walls of your home and be regular to checkout all this type of places where you have any idea for the presence of hogna carolinensis or any wolf spiders.

Their lifespan has interesting facts. Males die after mating with females in fall and females live one more year. Mating season for Carolina wolf spider start as autumn get start. hogna carolinensis feed on large insects and rodents.

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