Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Facts, Lifespan | Australian Endangered Animals

Onychogalea fraenata is the scientific name for bridled nailtail wallaby. These are also known as bridled wallaby and merrin. They are endemic to Australia mostly found in Queensland. Due to low quality of habitat and low extent of occurrence these are listed as endangered species according to IUCN red list. New introduced predators also effect the population of bridled nailtail wallaby. We will briefly discuss all of threats for them later in this article.

Endangered Bridled nailtail wallaby female

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Facts And Information | Endangered Species

A small sized wallaby have length around 43 to 55cm this length is for females. Males length can be around 50 to 70 cm. weight for both males and females is about same like 4 to 8kg. They have white stripes on sides of their faces and black stripes are on back side of their body.

Nail tail is the special property which is not possessed by any wallaby. There are only three species that are now known as Australian endangered animal but they have nail tail. Nail can be 3 to 6mm long which is on the tip of their tail.

Their estimated extent area of occurrence is very low which is around 166 to 20 thousands kilometer square and area of occurrence is also very low which around 166km square. There are only four locations according to IUCN red list where they can be found. These bridled nailtail wallaby were listed as endangered species in 1982. According to latest document for bridled nailtail wallaby in 2008 they are still known as most endangered animal of Australia but now their population trend is stable.

At this time there are some chances may be they will remove from list of species that are endangered in future. There are only 800 to 1100 mature individuals were present in 2008. As their population trend was stable in 2008 may be their population get increase.

Endangered Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Threats

Feral cat and red fox are the main predators and threatened their population continuously. Destruction and degradation of their habitat is also the major threat which effect their population and make them endangered species around the world or especially in Australia.

Their species are now managed very carefully by conservationists, a lot of steps taken to aware and educate people who don’t know which animals are now endangered or which are not. At this time we can say that bridled nailtail wallaby will definitely remove from endangered species list of Australia or from whole world.

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