Australian Sea Lion Facts and Information | Endangered Animal

Neophoca cinerea is the scientific name belongs to Otariidae family and Mammalia class. These Australian sea lion are endemic to Australia. Mostly found in South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. In Tasmania these sea lion are completely died and there is no one animals can be found in Tasmania. In Tasmania these are known as regionally extinct.

Australian Sea Lion Endangered Habitat and Facts

endangered sea lion

Known as endangered animals in Australia due to decline in population and different threats we will discuss later. First we have to discuss about general information about Australian sea lion. In southern Australia they can be found in pages islands in southern Australia. In Western Australia these are found in Houtman Abrolhos off.

Their sex identification is not a difficult task. We can easily identify due to the different colors of males and females. They become endangered species because these are facing a lot of threats which threatened them to become a part of endangered species. Illegal hunter identify them and trade their body parts in market on high rates.

Males and females have dark brown, yellow areas around their neck and silver gray respectively. Females are smaller in length and weight from males. Length of males and females can be 2 to 2.5 and 1.3 to 1.8 respectively. Males have weight around 250 to 300kg and females have weight around 61 to 104kg.  According to documentation they can dive around 245m depth.

They feed on any type of small or medium sized fishes and squid. They can eat any type of animals or marine species which have meat. In need they can also eat small penguins.

Illegal hunting for trading threatened these species to become endangered. There are also other threats but traders use these animals for food and sale their body parts to get money. Due to the greed of people these are now include the list of Australian endangered animals. Australian sea lion the most endangered species in Australia facing climate change, pollution and biological resource uses. These are the major threats that get them on this position.

Due to the effort of conservationists the remaining animals are now safe. May be Australian sea lion remove from endangered species list in future.

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